Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity
Gamma Sigma Chapter

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History of Kappa Psi

Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Incorporated is the largest and oldest professional pharmaceutical fraternity in the world. It was founded on May 30, 1879, by F. Harvey Smith on the campus of Russell Military Academy in New Haven, Connecticut. More than 80,000 members have been inducted since its inception.

The Gamma Sigma Chapter was founded on April 28, 1949 at the University of Florida's College of Pharmacy. It is the first chapter of Kappa Psi to be initiated in the state of Florida.

Gamma Sigma Updates

Gamma Sigma congratulates our newly initiated brothers of 2019. We welcome our 12 new brothers into our family. They have went above and beyond during our Fall 2019 semester and we are extremely proud of them. Our new brothers are excited to start the new year of 2020 and are actively contributing to our chapter. We are excited to see what future accomplishments they will make. Thank you to all of the brothers from the Southeast Province who came to celebrate their initiation!

2020 Initiated Brothers:

Delia Khayat

Hannah Reynolds

Lucas Zhou

Lauren Meade

Eisha Ludtke

Austin Pierce

Tanner Abbott

Adam Essler

Keegan McCauley

Lauren Trummel

Why Join Kappa Psi?
Joshua Dadural

"Kappa Psi is the foundation that truly lays the groundwork for building leaders in pharmacy. My experience has taught me that leadership is best fostered through an environment that challenges individuals to exercise confidence in all their actions and decision making. Within Kappa Psi, confidence is instilled and normalized within a tight knit brotherhood. The reassuring presence of brothers who want to continually push each other past limitations gives the individual an experience unlike any other"

Joseph Washington

"Before becoming a brother of this professional Fraternity my ambition of personal growth and development was singular. Now my goals have shifted to advancing in leadership and the profession of pharmacy along with my colleagues. This idea of brotherhood is evident in the tenets “Fellowship” and “High-Ideals” which are values I have incorporated into every aspect of my life! I am extremely grateful to be a member of this profound brotherhood, and I will perform my necessary duty to ensure the philosophy of togetherness is perpetuated in our Gamma Sigma chapter of Kappa Psi legacy."

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Brother Spotlight
Joseph Washington

Gamma Sigma is honored to announce our brother Joseph Washington was recently voted as the national president-elect of the Student National Pharmaceutical Association, or SNPhA. His vision toward the improvement of the health, education and social environment of minority communities has allowed him to excel in the field of pharmacy and garner the attention of his peers on a national level. Joseph will step into this respected position as a third year pharmacy student and will begin to make an impact immediately. He will bring creativity and a lively energy to this position, which will allow him to succeed in advocating for Global Health issues and establish him as a student leader. We are proud to call Joseph a brother of the Gamma Sigma chapter. 


“It is my hope to perpetuate and maximize this organization’s effectiveness and the quality of care we distribute around the world; Keeping in mind the ideology of Benjamin Franklin: ‘Without words like progress and growth, words like improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.’” -Joseph Washington